Project Yfaloid at the Tallinn Architecture Biennalle 2022

“Yfaloid” addresses the question of how can architecture redefine resources, produce food and be eaten away by developing and realizing a prototypical artificial reef structure from design to production. Artificial reefs are man made structures that are placed in featureless seabeds as a way to increase the biodiversity of marine species in degraded underwater ecosystems. Simply said artificial reefs are the substrate where algae “the food of fish” grows and thus it can serve as a structure that can increase the population of fish which then becomes the “food of humans”. The installation includes a 3d printed artificial reef module in 1:1 scale as well as a scaled prototype which is placed in an aquarium in an attempt to simulate a living underwater ecosystem.
The project was realized with the help Hyperion Robotics and Roman Tsernokozov
Photo credits Tonnu Tonel and  Jaan Sokk .

The exhibition will last until the end of November and we welcome everyone to visit it! More info on the exhibition: