Calendar_2013: made in china

In the year that according to some people, we should be condemned to not see, in the year of the real crisis,
"Made in China" comes to existence.
 An illustrated calendar, that one month at time is an image that fuses everyday familiar scenes, that one would encounter while walking down the street, with either images of thought or images of another time and space zone. 
The result is a juxtaposed visual scape of the chinese urbanity that negotiates the fragile border between the real and the unreal, the west and the east.
The calendar includes 12 illustrations and 4 typesets with quotes from chinese philosophers, that can be customized according to one's wishes, by selecting the corresponding illustration for each month.
Made in China is a reflection, through images, of the dynamic state that characterize the chinese society nowadays and its consequent contradicting situations one might encounter. Moreover it is a comment on the multi-dimensional experience of reality in the time where most of the events that we experience physically are simultaneously broadcasted and experienced virtually on some other part of the world.

A project thought in China and realized between Switzerland and Greece, ironically entitled with a phrase that is mostly related with notion like replica, mass production, which is totally the opposite of what this calendar stands for.

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