Atelier Arizona-Vanishing Point

Furniture Design Collection

Atelier Arizona approached Topotheque seeking exquisite computational design and digital fabrication consulting for materializing a series of bespoke furniture series commissioned by an art collector. Atelier Arizona shared their concept sketches with our team and after iterative meetings a 3d language was developed for coupling their design vision and craftsmanship sensitivity with material and fabrication constraints. The materials included unique and hard-to-get collector-grade woods in non standard shapes as well as precious gemstones such as onyx and marble. The design strategy was to respect uniqueness of each raw piece of material and optimize fabrication to meet the high expectations of our clients. Our responsibilities included developing the 3d models and manufacturing simulations and optimizing the geometry for their fabrication using a 5 axis CNC machine.

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  • Type:
    Design Engineering & Fabrication Consulting
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  • Team:
    Yanni Vassiliou, Evangelos Pantazis