Pha Tad Ke pavillion

Garden Pavillion

Pha Tad Ke pavillion is a leaf like structure that from a distance it resembles an organic landscape like a congealed statue. As you approach however, it becomes clear that this is an artifact. Its function has yet to be ascertained. Phyllotaxis, the hellicoidal and spiral structural patterns, that one frequently encounters in plants was the main focus for this project. With the aid of parametric design we generated successive iterations of this self organised structural system, that were further manipulated to obtain architectural qualities.
The phyllotactic structure is further reinforced in
critical points of tension with straight rods, that operate as semi transparent dividing elements. The positioning of the rods, based on the visual effect of the moire patterns, strengthen the structural behaviour of the follie while enriching its spatial quality. The whole structure is exposed as it happens on a leaf whereas, our proposed skin would be any kind of vegetation.As a result, it becomes a living organism that blossoms and retracts among the plants that grow on it.

  • Type:
    Structural & material experimentation
  • Size/Scale:
    Structure / <10sqm
  • Location:
    Laos / Vietnam
  • Status:
    Concept Design
  • Team:
    Evangelos Pantazis, Andrey Bedov, Studio Pei-Zhu