Roof 4014

Rooftop Addition

Roof 4014 is a rooftop addition in Ioannina, Greece. After working ellaboratively on the neighbouring types of roof, a specific form was chosen in order to accomodate the magnificent view towards Pamvotis Lake. This form was then informed by the existing set of supporting beams and columns in order to end up with the steel structure that will support the roof. Sunlight and air ventilation tests ordered the type and size of windows, while the who;e structure is crowned by an observatory deck at the very top of the building.

  • Type:
  • Size/Scale:
    160 sq.m.
  • Location:
    Ioannina / Greece
  • Status:
    Under Construction
  • Team:
    Iason Pantazis / Renders: G. Alexis