101 Taipei

Architectural Installation

The relation between architecture and building technologies has played a vital role in the development of both disciplines throughout the history, Moreover it has been a deciding factor of how the cities and societies are structured nowadays. The link between the two is also valid in the present times, as the design and production processes are influenced by computational advances and new fabrication processes.
The goal is to create a space of “euphoria” in the 101 lobby, where the company’s (Wei-Chuan) products can be showcased, while at the same time the space itself manifests a novel approach on how we design and construct things.
Thus, we opt for a combination of a marketing scheme that engages creativity with innovative techniques and new materials. We hope that Wei Chuan, a leading company in Taiwan, will seize the potential of investing into a fresh “image” that supports new designers from various fields to present their ideas, and offers them the opportunity to materialize them

  • Type:
    Exhibition-Parametric Design
  • Size/Scale:
    <100 sqm
  • Location:
    Taipei / Taiwan
  • Status:
  • Team:
    Evangelos Pantazis , Chiu Yun ying

portrait right pl25
portrait left pr25